K9 Bed Bug Detection in North Jersey & NYC

When it comes to protecting yourself from the itchy, uncomfortable problem of bed bugs, the nose knows best. K9 Bug Detectors' canine bed bug detection services utilize the sensitive noses of highly trained dogs to pinpoint a bed bug infestation quickly so that it can be dealt with effectively.

A Matter Of Scale

While bed bugs may be tiny insects, there is no such thing as a small bed bug problem. In just 30 days, a single breeding pair of bed bugs can result in a population of more than 150 bed bugs and some 130 eggs. Unfortunately, a small infestation can be easily missed. Bed bugs are secretive, stealthy and prefer to stalk sleeping prey before retreating to hidden spaces to avoid discovery. By the time that you spot common warning signs like itchy bites on your skin or specks of dried blood on your sheets, the problem has likely spread.

The Bed Bug Challenge

Despite their name, bed bugs don't limit themselves to bedding. These pests conceal themselves in the depths of furniture, in upholstery, behind wallpaper and baseboards, inside walls, and behind outlets, light switches, and cable and phone jacks. Their ability to hide makes detecting them quite a challenge. In fact, humans can uncover a low-level infestation just 30 percent of the time. That's why so many people are turning to dogs for help.

The Benefits of K9 Bed Bug Detection

Studies show that dogs trained to sniff out bed bugs are 98 percent accurate in identifying an infestation. Trained canines are 250 percent better at detecting bed bugs than even an experience human pest control professional. While bed bugs may lurk in nooks and crannies that are out of sight of humans, they cannot hide from a dog's sensitive nose. Thanks to their keen affinity for scent, dogs can literally sniff out the presence of both bed bugs and their eggs.

Calling in the K9

Canine bed bug detection services are a cost-effective way to protect yourself from these pests by accurately pinpointing an active infestation quickly. Do you suspect that bed bugs have invaded your living space? A trained dog working with a skilled handler can find even a small infestation, which means that the treatment required to eradicate the problem will be less extensive and less expensive. Are you moving into a new home or apartment? While the process of preparing for new residents often erases any visible evidence of bed bugs, dogs trained to sniff out these pests will still be able to find them, and locating them before you move in can save you time, money and headaches. In fact, canine bed bug detection services are perfect for virtually any situation. They can be used to separate areas impacted by bed bugs from those free of activity in private residences, health care facilities, multi-unit housing buildings and large corporate environments.

A fully licensed and insured pest control company offering bed bug detection and extermination services, K9 Bug Detectors is ready to help you with any bed bug problem. Our friendly, fully trained canines and their certified handlers offer services that are discreet, confidential and guaranteed. Contact K9 Bug Detectors today to learn more or schedule an inspection.