Union County, NJ Bed Bug Services

K9 bug detectorIf you live in or near Union County and want to protect yourself and others from bed bugs, you are likely looking for a dependable solution that will put your fears to rest. Keeping bed bugs at bay is much easier than getting rid of them after they have already made their way inside.

At K9 Bug Detectors, we can help you detect and eliminate bed bugs before they cause additional problems. Serving residential and business clients, we can meet your needs no matter the situation, and we won't stop until your bed bugs are gone. Friendly service and reliable results are what you can expect when you enlist our help.


When it comes to keeping bed bugs away from your home or place of business, prevention is the best way to reach your desired outcome. We will teach you how to avoid bed bugs and show you the warning signs for which you should look during the early stages of an infestation. We can also bring our dogs to your location at set intervals if you suspect you are at risk for an infestation. If you travel or plan to stay at a hotel, reach out to us before you return, and our team will make sure no bed bugs have gotten into your luggage.


Spotting the parasites when they first get into your home or place of business will save you a lot of trouble over the long run. If you let us inspect your property, we will detect bed bugs no matter how hard they try to hide. Our trained dogs will pick up their scent before anyone else would even know they are there.


Detecting bed bugs would not do much good if you did not have a way to get rid of them. The good news, however, is that we can treat your home or place of business for bed bugs, allowing you to get all of your services in one location. Committed to offering unbeatable results to those who come to us, we will pay close attention to each detail so that we won't miss anything.

Commercial Extermination

One person spotting a bed bug in your place of business is all it takes to damage your reputation, and you might never recover. Let us come to your property to search for and destroy bed bugs before they can cause harm to you or your customers, and you will be glad that you did.

Taking Action

If you don't want bed bugs to invade your property and make problems, don't waste time when it comes to getting help. Our kind, caring team will tell you everything you need to know about your bedbug problem, and you will know what to expect at every step. You can pick up your phone and call us with your questions and concerns when your goal is to move forward with confidence.