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Thank you, Neil and Jack!

I am writing to express my gratitude for the services that Neil and Jack provided us. We moved into our beautiful new house this past summer. It quickly became apparent that we had a problem when my daughter started having severe allergic reactions and was constantly covered in hives. We discovered that we had bed bugs in September. We paid a company to come out and treat the entire home. They came out for two months with no success. They stopped responding to my calls. That’s when I called K9 Bug Detectors. Neil promised to stay with us until the job was done. He did just that. Even though, it ended up being a much longer commitment than any of us thought it would be. The infestation was very bad, with bed bugs living in our walls. Jack came in and found them quickly, and Neil continued to come back to treat until the house was clear. I am extremely satisfied with the dedication and quality service that we received. I would recommend this company to anyone even though I hope to never have to use it again! Thank You

Keri Painter

I am writing to thank you for your excellent service.

After arriving home from a lovely vacation in an immaculate beach cottage (yes, bed bugs are everywhere!) we discovered the bugs. I called K9 in a panic. Bobby was very reassuring and scheduled a visit within a few days. Bruno detected bugs in 2 areas and by following Bobby’s instructions and following up on a treatment plan (which included a follow-up visit with Bruno) we successfully eradicated the bugs. I highly recommend this service. It’s the only way to go!

Anne Dowling - Bronx, New York

Dear Bobby,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your service! When I first learned bed bugs had invaded the sanctity of my home I was clueless. I don’t ever travel or stay in hotel rooms so I never had any reason to worry about bed bugs, or so I thought. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge in this area allowed Terminix to totally take advantage of me. They charged me a fortune, but they assured me that they would take care of the problem so I figured I had no choice but to pay them. However, three treatments later, and I was still getting bitten. I started to lose hope. I called Terminix to complain but they just made excuses and basically told me bed bugs were almost impossible to get rid of.

It was then that I started to look online for help, and I realized I needed a company that had specific experience with bed bugs. I called a few places because this time I promised myself I was going to do my homework. When I spoke to you I knew I had found the right person for the job. You explained everything to me in a way I could understand and made me believe there was a light at the end of the tunnel. You explained that Terminix could not really fix my problem because they were spraying blind. If they didn’t know where the bed bugs were they couldn’t kill them. You brought your dog with you the first time you were at my condo and he went right to the problem areas. Since you knew where to spray you were able to kill those suckers in one punch! I have not had a bite since the first time you sprayed my condo. Now that you have sprayed the second time just to make sure they are all dead I finally feel comfortable in my home again.

I just want to thank you so much for your professionalism and your skill. I also appreciate your kindness in explaining things to me. You immediately recognized that this was a pretty traumatic situation for me and your knowledge and sense of humor really calmed me down and gave me a sense of confidence that I could be free of these dreadful intruders. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


If you have or think you have bed bugs I highly recommend Bobby.

I called Bobby last September in a panic after discovering we had bed bugs. We made an appointment for a few days later for him to come out with his dog, of course, he found the bugs and immediately treated the room. He was very fair in his price and never gave up on us. He always responded to my frantic text messages and continued to treat whenever I called him. Bobby also educated us on what to do when we travel so we wouldn’t bring home these pests again. He really cares and is a dedicated professional. If you have the misfortune of bringing home bed bugs, Bobby and his bed bug busting dogs are the ones to call.

Mike and Molly