Randolph, NJ K9 Bed Bug Detection

Randolph is a small town in New Jersey that takes up only a little more than 21 square miles of land. It is surrounded by various ponds, rivers and brooks that go through this area. Although that makes for a scenic environment, it can also attract insects and pests to the area. Bed bugs can affect both homes and businesses. Anyone dealing with an infestation of bed bugs might need assistance in getting rid of these pests. The presence of water can attract all kinds of pests, and bed bugs are capable of quickly latching onto fabric and other household items. They also can find their way into your luggage after a travel and benefit from the weather and water sources in the town of Randolph.

Professional K9 Bed Bug Detection

Residents and business owners should strive to keep their property pest-free all year long. Homeowners may only notice a problem when family members wake up with unexplained sores on the skin. This can compromise the health and well-being of distressed family members who were bitten by one of these pests during the night. They can set up a nest in the bedding and come out during the late hours of the night for a blood meal. This experience can be traumatic for people who are not familiar with bed bugs and their behavior. Protect your entire family by consulting our service professionals who use K9 bed bug detection methods.

Business owners have a similar problem as the one described above, but the reputation of the company itself is often at stake. In a small town like Randolph, your business can’t afford to be associated with a bed bug infestation. Our discreet K9 bed bug detection services can allow us to detect and eliminate these pests before they can damage your hard-earned reputation in the community. Our estimates of successful detection are as high as 97 percent. The amount of time it takes to locate these pests is minimal, and we work quickly so that you can get right back to business.

About K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

Bed bugs can infest homes and businesses while escaping detection. One of the biggest problems with an infestation of bed bugs is that the nests are often invisible to the human eye. Adult-sized bed bugs can be detected and exterminated while their eggs are left unnoticed. We maintain a rigorous selection process for K9 bed bug detection dogs. These animals use their stunningly keen sense of smell to detect the location of bed bugs and their eggs. This allows us to quickly exterminate the pests from your property in a minimal amount of time. Contact our company representatives for a consultation.