Parsippany, NJ K9 Bed Bug Detection

In Parsippany, you can get a good education, can take your family to over 30 parks and can even lead a peaceful life because the crime rate is low. However, bed bugs also live in Parsippany, so a terrible infestation can develop without warning. Although these blood-sucking pests can't wreak havoc on your property, they are a threat because of their large appetite. Bed bugs enjoy feasting on a dormant prey. That's why your pets are just as vulnerable as you are. Thankfully, bed bugs can't hide from the team at K9 Bug Detectors.

What Do We Do?

We show up with our most valuable employees, and they use their great sense of smell to zero in on bed bugs. During an inspection, our highly trained canines don't waste any time. Their objective is to find out where these tiny pests are hiding. If you think this is a time-consuming process, you're wrong! K9 bug detection doesn't take long because our canines are fast workers. On top of that, they're meticulous in their work, so you can rest assured that they will check all areas of concern to detect adult bed bugs and any eggs. We have complete control over our canines, which means they will listen to us and obey our commands. Once the thorough inspection is over, we move forward in the treatment process.

How Reliable Is K9 Bug Detection?

To put it simply, it's so reliable that we use it on every occasion, and the results are always excellent. Our special canines have an innate ability to pick up the faintest scents wafting in the air. To perfect their ability, we've put together a rigorous training program at Metro K9 Academy, which is our sister company. As a result, K9 bug detection is 98 percent accurate. This explains why customers appreciate and enjoy the work that our canines do.

Top Benefits of Hiring Our K9 Bug Detection Service

K9 bug detection is on par with the most tried-and-true conventional methods. Our canines inspect homes and businesses in the same way that we treat properties. They focus on the details, adhere to safety protocols and fulfill their jobs with great care. Since the human nose is nowhere near as strong as a dog's nose, our canines have proven that they can outperform the average inspector. They discover hard-to-see infested areas in half the time.

Now that your biggest questions have been answered, don't hesitate to reach out to K9 Bug Detectors. We'll let you know if your property is harboring any bed bugs so that you can sleep with the peace of mind that you deserve. Contact us today to get a free estimate if you're interested in our detection services.