Morristown, NJ K9 Bed Bug Detection

Located in the northern part of New Jersey, Morristown was a winter headquarters for George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The history of the town's role in the war is largely visible in Morristown National Historical Park, which consists of many areas. Because of that, Morristown is a popular spot for tourists who are interested in this history.

However, this tourism makes the town vulnerable to bed bugs. These pests hitchhike in luggage, on clothes and on animals to infiltrate your home or business. For that reason, early bed bug detection is essential to prevent a serious infestation.

The Importance of Early Bed Bug Detection

Detecting bed bugs during the early stage of an infestation can be very hard. The reason is that it's easy for these pests to go undetected during a visual inspection when there are only a few adults or eggs present. Even the most qualified inspector can miss one or two bedbugs or eggs on a suitcase.

The key to early bed bug detection is in the ability to identify low-level pest activity. This is important because it becomes more difficult to exterminate the infestation the longer that it goes undetected. In fact, the infestation can spread to nearby businesses and residences.

Using Dogs to Detect Early Bed Bug Infestations

Fortunately, early bed bug detection is possible with the help of trained canines. Dogs are known for having a keen sense of smell. It's the reason why police use them to sniff out drugs and paraphernalia. Similarly, pest inspectors team up with canines to sniff out bed bugs.

With canine-handler teams, pest companies can accurately and efficiently identify the presence of bedbugs in homes and businesses. This approach overcomes the limitations of just a visual inspection and produces immediate results. It's even efficient for large buildings, such as schools, retail stores and movie theaters.

How Canine Detection Works at K9 Bug Detectors

Our dogs and handlers accurately identify bedbug adults and eggs 98% of the time. All of our canines go through extensive training before and during their service at Metro K9 Academy. The continued training ensures that they retain pinpoint accuracy.

During an inspection, our handlers lead the dogs through all of the rooms that could have bedbugs in them. If the canines find anything, our handlers will perform a visual confirmation. Then, they'll report in detail the locations of the adults and eggs. After our exterminators eliminate the pests, we'll send in our dogs and handlers for a follow-up.

Call K9 Bug Detectors for Reliable Service

We use integrated pest management with modern and conventional detection and extermination methods. This allows us to resolve all of your pest problems in a timely and convenient manner. Call K9 Bug Detectors today to get a free quote for our canine bed bug detection service.