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K9 Bed Bug Detectors - Why Our In-House Training Matters

At K9 Bug Detectors, our K9 bed bug detecting dogs are well trained! We take our canine training very seriously, after all, the bed bug sniffing dogs are our most important employees. A well-trained bed bud dog has been proven to be 97% effective. Human bed bug finders are nowhere near as effective in finding infestations of bed bugs. That has something to do with the fact that human beings have about 5 million odor receptors, while dogs, depending on the breed, may have more than 220 million.

A dog’s ability to detect just a few molecules wafting in the air has allowed them to be utilized in many different ways. Things like finding hidden drugs in cars and planes or following the trails of hikers missing in the woods. More recently, tests have shown their ability to indicate a variety of cancer molecules. Finding bed bugs is just one area that dogs and their noses are excelling. The key is training.

Our Dogs

Jack and Bruno, are our German shepherds that are trained to detect bed bug infestations and bed bug eggs. Their favorite job of all is to find that one bug that is annoying you. Their job is the most important because if one bug is left behind the infestation will just start back up again. K9 Bug Detectors do not stop treatment until our K9’s tell us there are no more bugs. Our service always starts with detecting throughout your home and finish when our bed bug trained K9’s tell us you are bed bug-free!

Here at K9 Bug Detectors we strongly emphasize continued training. All our dogs are initially and continuously trained through our sister company, Metro K9 Academy, in Randolph, NJ. Many of our competitors who purchase dogs from third-party trainers are not certified to perform the constant training drills that these dogs need to remain sharp. Our dogs train regularly with Metro K9’s certified trainers to maintain their pinpoint accuracy.

With over 20 years of experience in training and handling scent detection dogs, you can be sure that our dog-handler teams maintain the strongest of working relationships. Call us now at 800-331-9332 to learn more about why our dogs beat the competition.