How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

As a general rule, bed bugs don’t just appear out of thin air – either they were in your home or office, to begin with, or they were brought there from an outside source. With that being said, there are several different ways you can get bed bugs, including:

Used/Secondhand Items

If you buy a used mattress, box spring, bed frame, or another used piece of furniture, make sure you inspect it thoroughly before bringing it into your home. Bed bugs can infest more than just beds, and that means dressers, chairs, sofas, nightstands, and more.

This same rule goes for businesses. If you order furniture from a secondhand source, don’t bring it inside before looking it over. This includes desks, computer chairs, rugs, bookshelves, and other office items.


Bed bugs aren’t like lice, where they get into your hair and latch on. Instead, they usually stay in the fabric or wood furniture they call home and simply come out to bite. However, sometimes bed bugs can hitch a ride on a person’s clothing, in a purse, on a backpack, in a suitcase, or on another personal belonging. If that person then comes into your home or business, it can lead to an infestation.


While beds and furniture are the most common hiding spaces for bed bugs, they can infest nearly anything. This includes walls, molding, boxes, closets, and a wide variety of other things. Always be cautious when buying used/secondhand items and if you believe you may have bed bugs, call us immediately for an inspection.