Dover, NJ K9 Bed Bug Detection

Dover is a small town with a long history that includes machinery and buildings that date back to the Industrial Revolution. This includes iron mills, machine shops, textiles and fabric factories. There are many areas for recreation and relaxation, and this attracts visitors from all over the country. The downtown area is known for its pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and there are many delicious foods being served in the local eateries. The climate can range from mild to hot, and the winters can be scathingly cold.

K9 Bed Bug Detection

Temperatures can affect the migration patterns of all kinds of animals. This includes mammals, but it does not exclude insects. During certain parts of the year, bed bug infestations become more likely to occur, for example. The problem with a small town like Dover is that a bed bug infestation in one area can quickly spread into another. This is true for both homes and businesses. If a bed bug infestation begins in a residential area because the doors and windows were left open to cool the home, these critters could travel undetected from the home to another property.

Our company provides a solution for people living or working in Dover. This solution is called K9 bed bug detection, and it is an innovative way of using licensed dogs to detect bed bug infestations. Early detection plays a critical role in the extermination process. It can also be used to provide the assurance you need that the property is free from an infestation of bed bugs. Our solution is a part of an integrated pest management protocol, or IPM. We provide a complete consultation in order to offer the most effective and relevant solutions for your bed bug woes.

Our Company

Our service providers are highly trained to work with these K9 dogs, and the owner can detect any positive signs from the animal. This is an effective way to detect the presence of bed bugs that might be hidden from view. They are capable of entering the home undetected, so we use this method to obtain a 98 percent accuracy rating. We offer these services to both commercial and residential customers. Hotel or apartment managers, condo owners, mall supervisors, furniture store owners and many others have benefited from our unique service offerings.

Our providers are able to be dispatched quickly, and we provide coverage during weekends as well as weekdays. We offer high-volume discounts, and we can combine our traditional techniques for bed bug detection with modern technologies. Travelers can also benefit from our post-travel bed bug detection searches for your luggage. This is the most common mode of migration. Contact us for more information if you suspect a bed bug infestation.