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The Last Thing You Want on Your Summer Vacation…

Memorial Day is right around the corner and before you know it, the glorious, hot days of summer will be here. We know summer probably means a fun-filled vacation with family or friends and unfortunately, bed bugs are more common than you think. Here’s what to know about them and how to avoid bringing them home with you:

Identifying Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found all across the U.S. and because international travel has increased over the years, they’ve grown more and more popular. Despite what many people believe, bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye and are relatively easy to identify – simply look for reddish or brown bugs that look like thin apple seeds (and are about the same size). Bed bugs don’t have wings, so you’ll see these oval, flat bugs on flat surfaces.

Where They Hide

Bed bugs are appropriately named, since they tend to hide in beds. When you arrive at your hotel or B&B, store your luggage in the bathroom because it’s the least likely place you’ll find bed bugs. Then, thoroughly inspect your sleeping area: pull back each bed’s sheets and inspect the mattress for brown spots, bed bug skins, and the bugs themselves. Don’t forget to check the seams and the box spring as well.

Even though bed bugs are normally found in beds, they can also hide in upholstered furniture and can even be found in the carpet around the bed. Be sure to inspect any other furniture in the room. If you do notice bed bugs (or what you believe may be bed bugs), don’t hesitate to notify the manager immediately and have them switch you to another room.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Summer vacation should be filled with memories of laughter, fun, and relaxation – not bites, itching, and the possibility of living with bed bugs. Take extra caution by sealing all of your clothing in plastic bags and keeping them closed as much as possible. In addition, store your luggage in the bathroom or in a high area that bed bugs aren’t likely to reach. Once you get home, inspect your luggage before bringing it in the house. You can also wash all of your suitcase clothing in hot water for an extra precaution.

If You Have an infestation

If, after all of your carefulness, you still find you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, give our canine pest control experts a call. Our fully-trained dogs and friendly professionals will accurately pinpoint where your infestation is and work quickly to eliminate it.

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